(x) Onno Behrends Tee script-like logo - hand lettered {Stephen}

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Can anyone identify this font?

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That's a hand drawn logo. You might dig Milk Script.

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The "e's" and the "O's" are very similar. I think it is/was a font and someone heavly modified it???

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I highly doubt it. Most logos, especially those as old as this looks, were hand drawn, and lettering artists can be very consistent in their work.

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...lettering artists can be very consistent in their work.
And individual letters could be copied photographically for an exact match.

Letterhead's Cosmic Cursive has a similar feel although isn't quite so angular. Glengary from Nick's Fonts doesn't have quite such a contrast between the thick & thin strokes.

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Thank you for your help. I think those references will be enough to work with!

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