ReType releases 'Lasagna'

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ReType releases 'Lasagna'

ReType announce the release of Yomar Augusto's 'Lasagna' typeface.

'Lasagna' began as an experimental font used by Yomar Augusto in CDs and posters. It is an ironically geometric typeface suitable for contemporary design work.

Yomar Augusto is a brasilian graphic designer, graduated in the Type & Media's Royal Academy of Art, The Hague.
He has been involved in two Rojo ArtStorm projects and been published by Taschen in 'Contemporary Graphic Design'.
Recently, he took part in the Letter Forest art show, which featured experiments in calligraphy, painting, drawing and printmaking, and was held at Nanzuka Underground Gallery in Tokyo, Japan.
Yomar lives in Rotterdam and is currently working at 180Amsterdam in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.