Welcome to the Typophile Hebrew Typography & Type Design Group

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This forum is aimed at discussing both Biblical & Modern Hebrew. So, roll up your sleeves and be prepared to talk, share, and ask anything and everything about type design, typography, lettering, cantillation, grammar, culture & history. Please respect other members' opinions even if you don't agree with them. Don't hijack other threads, there's room for everyone so start your own thread. And please do not post links, works or fonts that smell of plagiarism.

We hope you will stay and participate. Please observe courtesy at all times. This is a community, so please help make it a pleasant and welcoming environment. Offensive or insulting comments will be brought to the attention of the Typophile moderators.

A guide to uploading graphics can be found here. Please note the only way to add a PDF is to edit the original thread and use the import options available.

Start a new thread and begin your discussion.

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