PAID GIG... My Illustration + Your Font Ideas = Great Logo

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PAID GIG... My Illustration + Your Font Ideas = Great Logo

Hello Everybody,

First of all, I apologize in advance if this is an inappropriate post on this board. I don't know where else to find a designer of such high caliber as the ones on this forum. (If I should be posting this elsewhere, just let me know.)

I have a great illustration/caricature that was professionally created. I had it made so I could use it as part of a logo. Problem is, I don't have a font to go with the illustration.

So I need someone to give me some ideas on different font styles/samples that would be congruent with the "theme" of the illustration and what the company does, as well as complete the logo. Also, I presume the blending of the company name with the illustration will require some sort of additional visual element -- maybe a colored background, screen, border, etc. Basically, I need you to take the illustration and seamlessly weld the name of the company to create the logo.

Of course, I will pay for your services.

If you would like to respond to this post privately, please email me at:

Once you respond, I will give you further details and show you the illustration.

Thank you so much.