original drawings of typefaces?

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does anyone know where i could find scans online or books that will have original drawings of/sketches of typefaces?

only one i can really find is of gill sans: http://www.fontblog.de/wp-content/gill_sans_g_web.jpg

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Numerous books on type have this. Check for example "The Centaur Types." I think "Anatomy of a Typeface" has some too, but I'm travelling so I can't check easily.


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You can find some in Made With FontFont and in Christopher Burke’s biography of Paul Renner. Thomas is right that there are a few in Anatomy…, but they’re cropped and cleaned-up b&w images of production drawings so they aren’t really good examples. Also, check with Jos Buivenga who might have hi-res versions of the images of his drawings that were used in a recent online profile. It would also be worth sifting through old images of ID, Baseline, etc. for drawings in their profiles of type designers.

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yeah i was going to ask a friend if i could borrow his archive of baseline.

thanks guys, ill check out the books mentioned!

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I know for a fact that the sites of Underware, Typotheque, KLIM and Joshua Darden (oops, that one is under construction) show (lots of) images of sketches.
Hope this helps.

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Bert Vanderveen BNO

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