(x) "Miriam The Demos" rounded sans free font - similar to Arial Rounded {Tom Harpole}

Can anyone identify this font? I used it on some CD labels that I printed a few years back before my computer crashed and I lost all my fonts. I'm pretty sure that it was a free font that I downloaded around 2003-2004. When I go into the Properties/Font window in Mediaface (CD labeling software), it says that the font is "Sleepwalk," but I can't find anything by that name and it didn't offer any substitutes.


Hi, have you tried Helvetica Rounded bold?

This it what it looks like:

Jean Ly
Quantum Signs & Graphics

Or Arial Rounded Bold

Probably neither one, because the top of the t angles down,
on Arial and Helvetica Rounded, it's a rounded tip.

But these could substitute.

Thanks for the info. That's the trouble with a lot of free fonts - they're close, but not quite!