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Word for Dos to LaTeX


I need some insight on this issue concerning desktop publishing.
A little over a decade ago, most typesetting for printed books used to be done in this software called Word for DOS. The software made use of macros to embed scientific/matematical equations in the body of the text (similar to Microsoft Equation Editor). In the years since, Word for DOS has become obsolete and even if you still have an operational version of Word for DOS and people who know how to use it, it is a pain to typeset your books in compared to Pagemaker and InDesign.
Is there a way of converting these "word for dos" files into their equivalent LaTeX files, for instance, so that the links to the equations are not broken and you essentially avoid the problem of retyping the whole book again?


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Perhaps you mean WordPerfect for DOS? Upwards from v5.0, it had a dedicated Equation editor. I could type in the most complex ones from memory, only to see them mangled by the PostScript output -- on screen they looked great but the conversion to PS didn't work 100% ...

If you do mean WordPerfect, the good news is that, AFAIR, the equation editor text is 100% TeX compatible. That means you can copy & paste it into MathType, which, if memory serves, offers this possibility.

The bad is that the equations are embedded into the document itself, so you will need (a) an ancient program to read it with, (b) an ancient computer on which you can run it (try Microsoft's VirtualPC, with MS-DOS6 installed), and (c) someone to write a WP macro so you can lift out all texts and write them to separate files.

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If you can save your file in rtf format, it is worth trying rtf2latex2e.