new Design: Forma sans

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Hi everyone, I would like to have your opinion on my new font, it's called Forma and it is a redesign of an old font of mine, I am trying to make an editorial/corporate font out of it.
thanks in advanced.

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me as a non-typedesigner would disturb your design of the § and the &, for me should be much more conventional. I know that the Ampersand is an "valid Et"

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Hi Rui,

I have 2 thoughts: I find this looks too close to Neo Sans. It also reminds me of other square sans designs like Apex, Amplitude and Stainless. Which brings me to my second thought: There are so many square sans designs out there. It's a saturated area in type.

Also: The more mechanical a typeface looks, the more anonymous and undifferentiated I find it. Is there something really fresh or distinctive you can do with this? Right now it doesn't seem like it has its own identity.

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All I'll say is I love your ampersand, as well as the half-rounded endings on the letter strokes.


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Yes, your right. I know from the start is not anything new, but i've been wanting to make a font like this for a while. I guees it more a question of resqueing an old design.
well, thanks:)

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I quite like this. With all the other modern sans designs out there, it might not be easy to make it a commercial success, but perhaps that's not the reason you are making this.
I like this ampersand, its forms and proportions are neat.
For me, the D and N are a bit wide. I wonder if the bottom right leg of the k could be chopped like the top (not horizontal ending). I think the tail of the Q could move right a bit?
j might need a longer base. y looks too narrow and needs more space, and the brackets () too thin and pointy (this kind of tapering is not seen in any other glyph).
I like the @.
Just some ideas...see what you think :)

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Very nice. Your ampersand is quite like the Linotype Univers ampersand with its very definite horizontal bar.

I wouldn't worry too much about this being a very saturated market, unless you earn a living from it it is just nice to craft something you can be proud of. I particularly like the curved base on the lowercase 'v' and 'w'. I can see this working really well in a corporate situation as it is very distinctive without being over-bearing.

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Thanks Ronan. Thanks Ben.
I'm going to try your suggestions. I let this lay for a while but now i'l get beack to it.

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