Shaklee Logo

What you guys think this is? Thanks for helping me out.


Perhaps somebody modified Optima Bold Italic to make it look more like Optima Nova.

- Lex

It's probably custom, but I agree that it's a style that seems to resemble a blend of the two Optimas. That 'a' is not really like Nova very much, and there are other differences that make me think this is just an uneven sans design.

- Mike Yanega

I would say it resembles Optima, but it would need some heavy customization though (especially on the letter e).

Okay, what do you guys think about the tagline font? I found one that looked close enough to use, called Corbel. I'm still curious though to know which one it could be. The letter g is unmistakable.

I think the original tagline font is good old Meta.

It sure is. I don't know how I missed that. Thanks.