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I'm looking for capital and lowercase Js that you appreciate or find beautiful. I'm going to be flipping through my FontBook this weekend, but I'd love to see people's favorites, particularly from this self-selecting group of type- and visually-aware people.

The reason: a tattoo I'm in the early planning stages of. It'll likely be on my forearm, and will probably be incorporated into a larger design that will find its form based on the J itself. The J stands for something*, but that something won't influence the look of the tattoo, so it's not relevant to the typeface choice. I'm leaning towards a single color, and that color is black.

My inclination is towards the J as you see it here, rather than the script J as you'd see in, say Bello or Edwardian Script, but I certainly won't rule out interesting glyphs on that basis alone.

Many thanks for any suggestions.

*No, not "Jesus".

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Although I’m not planning on getting a tatoo
I’d also be interested in a beautiful ‘J’.

Jan –

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The first thing that came to mind was a Didone like Standard Poster, but Didone doesn't say "cool tat!" to me. Something more stylized like Federal or, if you're masochistic, Paulus Franck 1602 might work. Gothic ... blackletters are a classic. But if you really want to declare your font geekiness, why not take a 12pt bitmap of something like Georgia and enlarge it so you see the pixels, hinting and all? You can even have subpixel rendering! On your arm!

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