How much modifying for a new type of font?

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How much modifying for a new type of font?

I’m trying to create a kind of ornament font that uses reverse upper/lower letters in a rounded rectangle. This is for two-letter language codes for our labeling. I’ve created a bunch of custom fonts before, which contained my own drawings as characters. However now I need to create this font to look like our existing Myriad Pro text.

I only need Upper/lower A-Z for this, plus [] and (). These will look like this:

How it should look

This corresponds to:
English language/Great Britain
Hellenica (Greek)/Greece

Are there open-source/free font designs that I can use that are somewhat similar to the Myriad Pro Bold Condensed font I used for these? I don’t want to use Adobe’s outlines (like I did for this illustration) so that we don’t have to worry about this font for internal company work.

Is the best solution to just draw the entire font myself? I am just using the alphabet as a basis for the font I’ll be creating, but I don’t want to step on other people’s design for my base glyphs, I only want to base the font on glyphs that I have the proper permission to derive my font from.

Clear as mud?

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This could work.
Whatever you decide, consider decreasing the ascender/descender heights in the lower case. It will allow you to center the cap combinations in the boxes better while still leaving room for fr and ja to be nicely centered.