Spraying Font

I search for spraying fonts under the Arial fonts in this poster.


I don't think that is a font. The letters are not identical -- I think it is hand-drawn lettering.

- Mike Yanega

Where will I find this fonts Mike? Thanks

I don’t think that is a font.

It’s lettering. Understand?

I must find more informed information about this fonts. help please.

I saw this font on myfonts.com once. Go look there. It is there for sure. Please tell us when you find it, I want to use it too. It is a great font!

You could easily create this using a small brush with soft edges and just write exactly what you want. Then use the Transform and Warp tools in Photoshop to straighten, etc.

Otherwise, I think it's available on Fonts.com (not sure of the name) or you may find something similar at dafonts.com.

Best of luck.

Since two people thought there was something to match this I looked at every category on MyFonts that I thought would fit, but the most similar I could find were Chiller, Paint, OkayPaint and Jaggy -- none are matches. I still think that this is not a font, but is lettering drawn by hand.

- Mike Yanega