Type ID for pharmasutical product


I seek ID script font on top of Arial letters for sanitary pads.


Case closed. You are insanely funny.

Hey Mike

How do you think Gui has stayed up all night? Doggy uppers?


It's is morning now I have simple tactic for all night work Olympics + Unagi Nobori (Energy Drink of Eels from Japan) = No sleep.

Unagi Nobori, the drink of eels! Nine out of ten agree.


I’ve never known and drunk such a drink though I live in Japan! It’s a funny drink. :)

This font is also on myfonts.com. Please go there and find it for us, I think it is a free font too. Please tell us when you find it. By the way, these are the most absorbable pads I have ever tried. Have you tried them, so good they are great. You never have to worry about infections because they are super sanitary. Everyone knows that because the font is soo big.

I thinnk you guys are very funny, but I think there was an honest font ID question here. I think the script looks like Commercial Script.

- Mike Yanega

No, Mike. Track guiyong and you’ll see.

I guess I'm just too trusting. :-(

- Mike Yanega