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SubLCD Font rendering method ?

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SubLCD Font rendering method ?


I have posted previously a thread about my amateur attempts to make screen font display more crisp on LCD screens, while still preserving font shape. I would like to get some expert advice/opinion about the potential of the method described bellow to display screen fonts.

My goal is to have a method applicable to any font. The SubLCD approach (invented by Kim Oyhus, see http://www.oyhus.no/SubLCD.html) is claimed to allow a 2x compression on the horizontal axis essentially without loss of information through subpixel rendering.

The obvious thing I tried to do was to generate output text/font (as bitmap, DIB) at 2X higher horizontal resolution than requested, then resize it to the final dimension.

I used Ghostscript (GS) to obtain the bitmap of a pdf page (antialiased fonts) (Image 1) then resized it (result: Image 2). Compare with Image 4) - GS output without any modification. The method produces some color artifacts that on some LCDs can be annoying.

To me, it seems that font shape is more consistently preserved by SubLCD (Img 2) vs Adobe rendering (img 3) and fonts are still readable at small sizes, but the color artifacts make this method still not very useable.

Please let me know what do you think about the potential of this method based on the the results shown bellow:

1. Ghostscript image: Original bitmap used to render the text: 2X size (180% zoom)
2. Ghostscript image: Final text obtained by resizing 1) to 1X (90% zoom).
3. Adobe image: The same text as in 2) rendered in Adobe Acrobat reader 94.
4. Ghostscript image: Text at 1X (90% zoom) without modifications.

Thanks in advance for any comments

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