Condensed Grungy Font ID???

Hi guys, just registered. Nice to know I'm not alone in my type obsession.

I recently did a handful of logos for a local Mexican restaurant. After the logo approval, I came back to start work on the menu, in which I may want to use the main font. The problem is that I have NO IDEA what the name was, as I did a bunch at one time. I have a feeling I got it off DaFont, but it may have been on my comp for a while. I've been sitting here scrolling through my 6000 fonts in Suitcase with no luck. Does anyone know what font this is?


Possibly a thin width of Univers, boldened artificially by copying it four times and nudging the copies slightly.

- Lex

Thanks Lex. I know it's some derivation of Univers, but this was an actual font that someone created. I could probably just redo the general look with Univers, but I may be using this font quite a bit.

I think scrolling through Suitcase is making me blind!!

Found it!

The font is called "Fury-Solid" and I have no idea where it came from.