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This is an old project, started 3 years ago, but I have never had time to finish it. Eomer at the beginning meant to be capitals only. Later, however, as I added lc characters, I realised I liked them very much. Still, it was intented to be a bold display face, for short snippets of text, maybe titles, but certainly not for lengthy passages of small text. It features over 95% of the Western glyphs set plus a selected few Central European ones. Metrics has not been finalised, and Kerning is yet to be done.

All comments are welcome.


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@ is hot. For some reason, it feels like a throw back to 60's, I feel. Would be popular with T-shirts of the hipsters nowadays.


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You should build this on Fontstruct. It might help you resolve some of your concerns to work in a modular environment too.

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I like the £ even more than the @!

K and X (and k and x) work admirably well, given the difficulties of diagonals in this format. V not so much...

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T-shirts, yes! A friend of mine liked it so much, he used the prototype for stencil graffiti.

Fontstruct is great. The people there have created some outstanding works. The only problem lies in the inherent limitations what comes with ease of use. Yes, Eomer is a good case for Fontstruct because its modular and geometric. But once you get to the accented characters you need more control over precise positioning. This is my first font to include such characters, and I spent long hours just to get them right. See new attachment.

I am happy you liked the K and X. I have to admit I am quite comfortable with V, because it is unusual and it refers to B. But yes, it is a compromise. However, I am less sure about the K. It looks a bit imbalanced. I might have to change that.

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Maybe K could have a descender like h.

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