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This is an experimental type face where all glyphs are constructed using solid equilateral triangles. It turned out one can build the whole character set out of triangles with little or no compromise on harmony. The result: a new sort of blackletter with more than a hint of minimalism. Althoght I have not finished the metrics and kerning, it produced quite serviceable text even at small sizes, that could have made any tonsured monk very proud.

Any comments?


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An interesting experiment, though it kind of feels like reading broken glass. I wonder if adding a stroke (expanding the shapes slightly) would help soften it a little, something like this:

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for me it s an interesting typo - good modular work.
this is some sort of modern blackletter typeface - i think you should generate more vertical elements, develop the font as a COND one... for example take the small "e" - if you make it 3-4 modules higher it will look far different and will not have any reading problems.
anyway - it is still good work!!!

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