Across the Univers.

We've got a new shirt up on TypographyShop at last. "Across the Univers" is a companion design to our first offering "Helvetica Neue Descending a T-shirt"

Classic typeface meets classic tune in our latest offering. A stylistic companion to our first offering, Helvetica Neue Descending a t-shirt. Adrian Frutiger's 1954 masterpiece is illustrated in descending weights in two colors. On sale at the special pre-order price of just $19.99 until August 31st.

Many of our first customers told me that they found us on Typophile. Thanks so much for your support. The design blogosphere embraced the shirt with amazing speed. It was a blast watching the viral spread. I've met some famous designers through it all and the editors of a couple of top design magazines are wearing our first shirt. We're going to have some well known designers and industry blogs offering product soon on the site as well. We'll keep you posted as that develops.


Hey, Patrick! Glad to be among them!