Type and Design related stuff in NY

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Hello guys.
Finally Im going to NY next month for the first time.

Was wondering if anyone here could point me out interesting type and design related stuff that'd be interesting to see.

Best Regards

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Hey, I live in nearby Brooklyn, and get to Manhattan often... I'd like to know myself, "What's happening here in type 'n design?"

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Hey there, Dave and Israel,

For starters, there is the Three Gutenberg Bibles exhibition at the Morgan Library and Museum... It's on until September 28.

Also, you might want to check out some of the bookstores listed here.

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I'd check out the TDC exhibitions up through August 22:


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Wow, thanks for the info.
Im not missing the Gutenberg Bibles exhibition. Thats for sure :=)

The TDC ones, I been at their website and it seem the exhibition will only reopen in october. Am I wrong?


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All I know is that they're moving to a new space, and will be opening soon. The first Type Salon will be in October, but that's not the same as an exhibition. The TDC usually has work on display, and in addition, you can visit their library during office hours. Just make sure you call or write in advance.

There is also the Herb Lubalin Study Center of Design and Typography, which is located within Cooper Union. You can probably arrange a visit there, too, if you call in advance.

One more place you can try is the New York Center for Book Arts.

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