Arno Pro

Everywhere this is the image we get to see from Arno Pro. However, when i look at the word eagle, it doesnt match any of the characters of the typeface. Anyone knows where to find these glyphs?
Seems weird to me...


That's the Italic Swash face of Arno Pro. The sample here is from the Script Font ID Guide (Part 2).

- Mike Yanega

Hi Mike,

I have Arno Pro on my computer, but I'd like the Italic Swash face that you posted. Is it hiding somewhere in PS or AI, or do I have to purchase it separately?


Oh wow, thanx mike!

You can access the swash variants via the OpenType options in apps like InDesign or Illustrator. And via the Glyph palette, of course.

@macbookgirl: As Mike wrote — you will find the Italic Swash alternates via the OpenType options of ID and AI. There is no separate purchase necessary.

@Bert Vanderveen: I tried doing that in AI. Didn't work. But I'm not extremely well-versed in AI.

Glad you like our specimen!