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Aldi font

Hi, just wondered if this was Cachet?


Although it is close, I dont think it is Cachet. For starters, the dot of the "i" is round, and Cachet's is squared. overall, this font is more rounded than Cachet, especially evident when you compare the lowercase e.

For reference, here is the same sample in Cachet.

Unfortunately, I dont know what face it is, but I'm sure someone else will.

Thanks anyway, had corpid and kievet which were similar but not exact.

The ALDI font family is an exclusive development manufactured by FontShop Germany (for ALDI SUED). Type director: Henning Krause; agency: ECC Kohtes Klewes.

Oh, it’s actually that ALDI? and they have their own font? Wow!

FF Zwo has some similarities.