Something similar to Typestar

Im desperate to find something similar to Typestar

I really like the light'ish weight of the Typestar and its condensed style

Thanks for any help !


When you say 'something similar', do you just mean a light condensed sans that is somewhat squared, or are there specific characters you want to match? Or are we just talking 'cheaper'?

If you are looking for commercial alternatives, you could try the new beta version of the interactive Sans Serif Font ID Guide, and select the letterforms you like for the seven key letters and see what results look anything like what you have in mind.

If you are looking for 'freebies', try Dafont.

- Mike Yanega

Hey Mike
Thanks for your help.

It was the weight and the condensed style, the client thought that the characters in Typestar were a little ' TOO ' edge for them
and wanted something similar in weight and condenced, with only a little 'edgyness' if that makes any sense

If you know of anything it would be great to hear about it !


These are similar in style to FF Typestar:
ITC Officina

I'm not quite sure we're understanding your meaning about weight and width. There are literally hundreds of sans serif fonts that are that level of condensed and light.

Andrew, "Edgyness' is a very subjective quality, and very difficult for someone else to judge. To me that means something that's not like magazine or newspaper text (a.k.a. transparent), but that still leaves a very broad range of styles. If Typestar is too edgy, then Stephen's suggestions are good. Have you looked at http://Dax Compact, or Metroflex Narrow?

- Mike Yanega