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Joined: 17 May 2003 - 11:00am

working on logo for a project that will soon be known as Viral Media.

This organization will be responsible for creating an interchange between professional and amateur artist to share and sample materials from one another. Mainly music. In a sense, this could become a record label of sorts.

Main goal with logotype, have it work as a stencil and have all letters be connected. This is both to fit the concept of ‘continuum’ and future stencil applications of the brand (in urban contexts).

I have been having some problems with the A. I’ve tried to have have the left side curve back to the right and almost meet it (#0). But then it looks too chunky between the R and A.

In 1, I was trying to have it swell at the bottom to meet the R. Somewhat successful, but still looks wonky to me. I had a crossbar in there at one point, but that didn’t look right at all.

In 2, I have the left side coming straight down to meet an adjusted R (no swell at the bottom). But then it looks like the right side of the A is higher up, due to its curvature. Also looks too wide.

So, now i am thinking either talk the client out the stencil idea or go for a more traditional monocular lower case A with two cuts (one at the top, and one at the bottom).

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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Joined: 13 Jul 2001 - 11:00am

What if the lc_a wasn’t connected at the top instead of the bottom? I’m thinking about fast girls at thirstype. not that yours is like that, but the letters are disconnected, similar to the idea of stencils. I think it is fast girls c-cup.

Of your sketches, I think the more rigid the better. Flat and crisp in the join, but curve only in the letter where necessary. The dot over the lc_i helps.