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waterbox logotype critique

Hi all,

I am working on a logo type for a new product company that could use some feedback. It is partnered with a mark that I am not including since the type should stand on its own as well. The idea is to partner soft curves with hard functional lines and have both interesting positive and negative space.

Since I tweaked and made some of the individual letters, I want to be certain that things feel balanced and not like a random collection of different fonts. Kerning issues and the like are still being resolved too. Other suggestions for sprucing/sexing it up or whatever are also appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

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Even though you want the logotype to stand on its own, the letterforms must still be sympathetic to the symbol. So, it's hard to judge it true effectiveness without seeing it as a whole.

Regarding the letters themselves: the crossbar on the A seems too high and the X is too wide. The left and right half of the X should overlap, not just barely meet. I think the W might be a touch too wide as well.

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The width of the letters seems a bit off. For example the T should not be wider than the A.

Random square font showing better harmony...


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I like the W but maybe squeeze it in a tad. I'd go with a more traditional A like in Zevbiz's example and tighten up the X so that it reads better. Another idea for the X would be to turn a + symbol if you're going for a handmade character appeal.

You might also try adding a thin stroked box around the type to further iterate the 'box' theme.

See below.

I do rather fancy the boxy look and the subtle gray color though. Nice start.

The font in these is Gotham HTF Medium weight and I rotated the + symbol 45°.

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I like the softness of your letterforms. But I guess you're gonan have to change "W". Maybe get some roundness to the X as well. Don't know how (it at all possible) but it could be nice since it ends the word.
Robert Koritnik

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I don't see a problem in the use of the rounded A and the rounded W but still have the other problems on my point of view. X is too wide and maybe it is a bit... concise with the rest of the logo (compare it with the o). T is too wide, it should be less than the A wide.

Joel Santos // yrmk
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