George Lois meets Jeffrey Zeldman on TypographyShop

I'm pleased to announce that legendary adman George Lois and web pioneer Jeffrey Zeldman are coming on board with us. George has given me his permission to use my favorite quotation of his: "Great ideas can't be tested. Only mediocre ideas can be tested."

Jeffrey Zeldman, who helped launch TypographyShop into the blogosphere and beyond will soon be selling shirts with his iconic pixelated mug and the phrase "since 1990." No name, no url. Like Che, Jeffrey needs no branding.

Jeffrey's a huge fan of Mr. Lois. I'm not sure if George has heard of Mr. Zeldman. I'm honored to have them both on board.

George told me that he's had many an offer over the years to produce shirts or buttons with his witticisms on them, but never bit until now. George's royalties from sales of the shirt will be going to the Herschel Levit scholarship fund at Pratt Institute, Lois' alma mater. The award is named for Lois' mentor. According to George he "threw me out of school by getting me my first job, designing for the great Reba Sochis. Six months later I got drafted and went to Korea – but it was worth it."

Welcome aboard boys.