Ohie, I Know So Much Less Than I Thought I Knew

It's currently 1:45am here in Cincinnati. I entered the studio a little after 9pm thinking I would spend the night blissfully drawing letters, but I quickly got in over my head in a massive UPM quandary and have done nothing but sift through thread after thread and wiki after wiki. I am now enthusiastically frustrated with technicalities—I eagerly want to understand everything, but each thread seems to give me more questions to consider and more technicalities to understand. I thought I had a better understanding of the technical aspects of type design than I did. It seems right now like I truly know nothing other than how to draw pretty letterforms—if that.

Nonetheless I hope to have all of my uppercase letters drawn and digitized by next Friday so that I can display them in our Studio Show. My intention is to perhaps do something involving colored acetate, maybe an interactive lightbox where letters can be overlapped and juxtaposed freely so the audience can explore the various form relationships for themselves.


Good luck!
Remember, one never knows everything.
All you need to know is what you need ...
and a little more ;-)