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The Drudge Report is suggesting that Obama's VP will be Bayh based on a bumper sticker. But the sticker does not to me seem to be using Gotham and Requiem--and Obama's known for his incredibly consistent brand (just look at his personal jet, styled in Gotham). I can't quite ID them--it doesn't seem like Requiem or Perpetua for the serif, though it may be Trajan, and the sans didn't appear to be Gotham, Gill Sans, or Antique Olive.

Anyone have any ideas/think this bumper sticker is bogus?


It's definitely bogus. It's officially Biden according to CNN and MSNBC.

Thanks, and yes, of course you're correct, Eileen. I was hoping to do a typographic scoop on the VP race in the vein of Thomas Phinney's work showing the Bush memos to be fake. Aw, shucks.

Here are the correct names on a sticker. Check out the varying widths and clunky letters - looks like a vernacular wood-type evocation. Is this a font?