Venice type

I spent some time in Venice this Summer, and found some interesting type here and there.

We stayed in the hotel Bologna in Mestre, which had some type dotted about:

the bathroom window (or half of them):

this was on the corridor wall:



Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

oops double post...sorry...

Love the clock, that's great. Nice pics.

Did you go and see the prints on display in the "Museo Correr"? Beutiful stuff - but they just wouldn't let me take photographs :(
That was my first real-life encounter with a letterpressed fim-ligature (16th century S. Occhi IIRC, don't have my notes at hand right now).

Unfortunately I didn't go to the Museo Correr, but thanks for the tip, will go next time.

Here are two more clocks:

and a close-up:

This one was in Padua:

i agree- the clock faces are beautiful!
here are a couple i saw in venice: