Please critique my script font - Beloved

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Hi folks I've been working on this script for some time now and I would love some feedback. Should I ditch it or is it actually worth carrying on with?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


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I think it has some potential, but I would take a big breath and maybe reconsider the direction you're going with parts of it. For starters, it seems to reference pointed pen script ( I was going to say copperplate, but afraid the terminology may be confusing). Many letters seem too devoid of this reference and, I think, weaken the overall look. Also...even with a lot of randomness going on with swashy forms, I would pay closer attention to how they interact with each other. You might want to close up that word spacing a tad while you're at it.

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Thanks Stephen, yes it initially started life with a pen and paper and almost filled an entire sketchbook with designs. I was aiming for something between copperplate and handwriting, but I am no craftsman when it comes to pen lettering. It's by far finished but I wanted to see what peoples thought so far.

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It looks really great from far.
I realize that this is meant to be read from a reasonable distance but when I get close, I see a lot of inconsistancies with the fine ends on the curves. This is all concerning Penmanship. The actual design of the typeface from a distance is very nice.

Another thing that I noticed is that the top of the lowercase 'z' is very straight and horizontal which doesn't fit the handmade look of the other characters.

The swashes have a lot of personality which is very nice.

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Thanks, I am as I said NO penman at all.

At the minute it doesn't seem to be reading at all, damn kerning has gone to plaid! For what reason I can't fathom.

There are several alternates swash characters for the t, y and z.

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate that.

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I've posted an updated version of Beloved, or maybe a completely new font, I'd love to hear your opinions. It's very different from the original. I'm not fond of the f, or the v, but it's still in it's infancy yet.

Thanks Andy

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Hi Weeman. I am no gig but I like the calligraphic style of it. I think would produce beautiful text. How about that ?

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Good feedback is always a bonus. And the fact you think you think it would make "beautiful text" is even better.

Thanks, take care.

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I've remade the f and the s, which I now prefer.

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