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I had posted a bunch of links back in April and May — Perhaps someone could let us know if these are still valid or horribly outdated. (Or, better yet, add links to this section!)

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Typophile Forums: Typophile Open Directory Project: Platform-specific Info: Mac OS X

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If you’re only using the public beta, you should
know that fully 2 revisions have been made to
the OS. The 1.1 upgrade fixes the speed of the
interface that you mention.

Also, Adobe just announced that Illustrator 10
is shipping for OSX—but as with any major
new release from Adobe I’d wait a few months
for their bug fixes.

At Seybold SF, the Quark rep said the
soon-to-be-released XPress 5 will run under
OS 9 (OS X can run OS 9 apps). He wasn’t
sure of plans for a native OS X version.

I’m sure that all of this stuff is just a matter of
time… I’d expect the bulk of Mac users to make
the switch in the next 10 months.