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Here's a first attempt. It's the culmination of my BFA studies. I'll be submitting only the regular weight, but plan to have at least a bold and light.

This same design was posted earlier under the name Marua, but the name didn't stick.

I'm still in the process of spacing and kerning, but thought I'd post a more refined version of what I posted before. Any comments would be lovely.

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Hi Arlo

Probably wouldn't hook the b, h and k - not sure you need to and the l and d would fit better. Maybe that's just me.

C and c (and G and G.sc) bottom strokes come out too far in my head.

Should your y look more similar to the v (and w and x)?

All O's (and Q's) look egg-shaped to me... is that deliberate?

Struggling with the vertical alignment of the 4's: I know why the lining 4 sticks up above caps line but it ought not to. Maybe lower the cross bar on the old style (or raise the vertical stroke on the lining 4) and the problem might go away.

Fir info, Q.sc has dropped down slightly.

Fine work. I particularly love the punctuation marks.

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Thanks for the critique. It seems that it's been pretty light in this area. Or maybe it's just what I post. lol.

I don't think the hooks on the b, h and k affect too much of the readability at small sizes and they add a little more character when at larger sizes. (I did try it though, but the overall effect seemed more flat)

I adjusted the C, c and G, G.sc just the slightest bit and it did help the overall width feel better. Nice catch.

I'm not sure if I follow what you mean by egg-shaped. They are intentionally not circular, but more ovular.

And another good catch on the 4 and the Q.sc. Both have been adjusted accordingly.

I'm hoping to have the complete character set ready within the next couple days.

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By egg-shaped I mean slightly more pointed at the top than at the bottom. Is that deliberate?

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Very nice.

A small thing that I noticed is that the hooks on all the characters occur a bit too high which from a distance makes it appear more angled rather than curved. ie. 'u' 'h' 'k'.

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The only part of it that doesn't quite sit right with me is the middle of the w. Somehow it seems to create the illusion that the middle reaches higher than either side.

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Good catch Kevin. I optically adjust the W but totally overlooked the w. I'll add that to the list of changes. It's so nice to have fresh eyes noticing things I overlook. Thanks to everyone for the comments.

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I've uploaded the latest round of changes. The newest PDF has the complete character set as it stands now. There were a couple things I noticed right away that I'll have to go in and change. It'll be interesting to see if anybody can point them out.

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Names and dates on page 2 and 3!

AEacute, aeacute, aeacute.sc missing? Oslashacute, oslashacute, oslashacute.sc missing?

For completeness, f_b, f_f_b, f_h, f_f_h, f_thorn, f_f_thorn ligatures? Maybe not necessary but some include those.

Would like to see a lowercase j with same structure as f but rotated, roughly speaking.

Also, don't think the long J (as used in I_J) fits that well with the rest of set. It's the one character which loojks like it has come from a different font in my mind.

Quite like the staggered double quotes, however, isn't the implication that the single quotes need to stagger too for the sake of rotational logic? Second thoughts, you've probably got it right; just making sure you've thought it through.

Good work, Arlo. Looks lovely set in copy.

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Just uploaded a new pdf. I've added the ligatures Nick recommended and updated a couple characters I wasn't totally happy with—another good catch with the long J; Eng and eng as well as the j and the IJ ij glyphs. Overall I'm pretty happy. Again, thanks to everybody for the comments. Next step: kerning, ugh.

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