(x) which side - Truth {Yves}

I know I’ve seen this font at some point in the past but cannot remember the name for the life of me.

which side


Da man ;) Sorry it took so long, I was in a meeting
for the past hour and a half.

although I think the font is similar or perhaps a dirivitive of Truth, it isn’t quite the same. Upon further investigation, it looks as though it could be a mixture of more than one typeface. I’m almost positive I’ve seen the exact typeface somewhere, T-26 maybe?

I think Aura may be a better representation. Thoughts?

> Thoughts?

TTTruth Heavy Slanted, stretched 150%, tracked 250/1000 ems.
I know my Barry. ;P


P.S. It gets quite hard to recognize when it’s mercilessly stretched.

Yves shows that he is definitely playing with a full Deck.

whoa, you win!

heh heh heh (sardonic grin)

I’ve always loved Barry Deck’s type designs and work.
Unfortunately Truth is the only Deck typeface I have
a license for. I’d love to own one for Traitor and
especially Eunuverse, but I couldn’t find a project yet
to justify the purchase. They’re pretty conservative
around these parts, and the few interesting projects
from clients who might be receptive for this kind of
typography are of the non-paying kind. :/