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Hello folks,
seeing all these amazing typefaces here I feel a little intimidated posting this, but I would love to hear some advice from more experienced designers. My goal is to create a strong headline for the openSUSE Linux distribution.

The obvious inspiration is Cholla by Sibylle Hagmann. I haven't gotten to the point of tackling spacing and kerning. Still only figuring out the glyphs. I'm struggling with c,e. Not really happy with Q, W and B. Thanks for all your critique and suggestions.

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Two question I forgot. Is it an incredible sin to do the serif for lowecase l to make it distincive from the uppercase I? Would it be a similar blasphemy to do lowercase numerals (or whatever you call 'minusky' in english) in a sans serif font?

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While I do like how you have rationalized a lot of the changes, I think you might need to move a little farther away from Cholla before Emigre would be comfortable with this as a public release.

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I've done a few tweaks since I've posted the initial preview. Added lowercase numerals and simplified the capitals.

As this was meant to be a Cholla replacement for future openSUSE community branding materials I don't want to go that far away from Cholla look. Feeling similar was one of the goals.

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I don't follow your rationale.

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While I can certainly see the influence, I think there's a enough changes that I wouldn't mistaken the two fonts. Some of the clear differences can be seen in the m and the r, where 5th Leg has a semicircle extension and the m has smoother humps and flat feet and is a bit stouter.

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As the font will be available under the Open Font License, apart from the PDF here's an actual OTF of it in progress --

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