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Hi all, I'm looking for a T1 font that has – or only exists of – an audio symbol. Anybody can help me out?
Thanks in advance, Brieck

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Not sure which symbol you're looking for. Is it one of these? Any reason it has to be T1?

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There was also a font called 'Rainbow' filled with symbols pertaining to audio, records, copyright and such. I remember using it back in the nineties, and I have no idea who made it. It might come from a CD stamper plant or a record label.

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Well, I'm not sure what they have in mind, but I guess that a any of the symbols below would be just fine;
(or just only that 'play' triangle)

I prefer T1 (perhaps a ttf might work) because I'm doing this project in 'good old' Corel Ventura. And this magnificent programm can be quite picky when it comes to exotic otf.
Thanks guys, Brieck

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I'll take your "magnificent" for sarcasm. ;)

FF Dingbats has the first symbol.

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Sarcasm? Not really. I've worked with Ventura for more than 10 years. Quark was – for obivious reasons – not an option for book design and Indesign didin't exist yet – for years.

Ever worked with Ventura Stephan?

Thanks for the links, both, much appreciated, Brieck.

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Ahh, Ventura Publisher. Memory lane... Back in the days I switched to Quark - for obvious reasons.

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Günni, I picked the mac-dingbats. Thanks. I've searched for a video symbol as well. Harder to define; is there like a global video symbol? Sure, Mac has its QT etcetera.
Got an idea?

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The problem with the free font sites is that a lot of their fonts, especially the dingbats, are autotraced and look odd in certain sizes. I’m sure you know this already, nevertheless I wanted to warn you :) Didn’t check the MacDingbats, though.

Can’t think of a universal video symbol right know, but how about an eye symbol?
And an ear for audio?

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is there like a global video symbol?

My first thought is the bowed rectangle that looks like a TV screen (from the days before flat-screen); like the one two from the left and three down on the link Stephen Coles first posted above.

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