DEMAG industrial looking face - various {gang}

Hi everybody… do you maybe know a font that looks like this?


Looks like one of those license plate designs.



It’s part of a 1909 heavy industrial machine :) Do you have a link to the font you were thinking of, or a hint where I can get it?

I’m not good at cataloging this stuff, but if you wait a few hours the people who really know this stuff will come out of the woodwork, with more than you ever wanted to know…  :-)


Here are some squared license platers:

Core’s Sauerkrauto

Mueller’s FE Engschrift

But the type in your sample is a fairly simple.
You might do well using a DIN, chopping off the
‘G’ and then rounding the corners:


Adobe DIN Mittelschrift

URW Fette Mittelschrift*din*&fontnummer=f005000d


Stephen, I hope you didn’t take offense at “hours”…


Not at all. You were right. I’m over 6
hours late. See what happens when I sleep?

The DIN fonts are perfect! Not exactly the same thingy, but it has the right atmosphere, my example must be some DIN letters then.

Wow, thanks!

Here’s one better:

Typophile Forums: Critique: Sans Serif: Unicratica (by Ole Sorensen)

PS- DIN is great. But buy the FontShop (FontFont) cut. The
weights are much more intelligently put together
than the other leading brand.