Little, Brown Book Group

That particular one gives me a sleepless nights....So any help will be appreciated.


Little Brown looks like Mrs Eaves from Emigre. It has an extensive collection of odd ligatures, including the 'it' in 'Little', although offhand I didn't notice the 'wn' ligature in the FontBook showing.

- Mike Yanega

I think it’s Alita (at least for ‘Booktrade’ and ‘Newsletter’).

I just came to that conclusion for Book Trade (http://Alita). I didn't see the 'wn' ligature in Alita either.

- Mike Yanega

I think that ‘wn’-ligature is custom (because it looks so ugly).

I see that the 'w' in Mrs Eaves is the wrong style (no middle serif), so I think they used Alita for all of it. I agree the wn must have been customized.

- Mike Yanega


That's a RELIEF!!!! My recent (although not 100% match) find was rather weird - Adobe Kozuka Mincho, but now I see you're 100% right. Thanks a million.

Eh ... you’re welcome, Ivan.