Point Size 9, too small?

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Quick Question

Is point size 9 too small to be readable on leaflet, the measurements of
which are w120mm x h110mm?
Oh and the type will probably be in dark pink and in a serif italic, maybe baskerville italic...

Might be a stupid question but illedgible text has been a problem for me before,and
I cant get this one wrong


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Really depends on your audience, their eyes, their reading habits, and the fonts you use. Generally I try not to dip below 10 pt unless there are really good reasons to.

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9 pt is kinda small but considering the format, I don't think it would appear too small. It would also depend on how much text and what font you're planning to use. Some fonts have a larger x-height and appear large enough at 9pts, but some have a shorter x-height and 9pts might be difficult to read.

Is the dark pink, more purplish or reddish? I'd set the type and print it out, that's really the only way you'll know for sure.

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I think the dark pink will be more of an issue (at that size) than the size itself. I use 8 and 9 point regularly and unless you're really vision impaired, it's fine. A newspaper I used to work for use 9.5 pt. body text, and it looked fine.

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Yeah your right no point speculating...better print out the bloody thing!
Damn my lack of printer...

Thanks 4 the help

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Any talk of a particular point size being too big or small is meaningless, especially in the age of digital type. Since the actual digital glyph is no longer tied to a particular size piece of metal, it is more accurate to speak of cap hight or x-height or any other actual measurement as it relates to the physical rendering of the glyph. One 9 pt could look like another's 10 pt or 8 pt for that matter.

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