Best Typographic Beer Labels

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I'm surprised this hasn't come up before, but typographically what are your favorite beer labels. There are so many hand scripted/lettered versions out there!

Personally, I like the Leinenkugel logo. [ ]

and [ ] The Schneider and Sohn's Shneider Wiesse logo

and not so much for taste, but for script skills:
[ ] the Budweiser logo:

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Here's a couple I did.

The "Shiner" above is great.


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Well I stumbled upon this posting while doing research for a friend's beer label that i'm designing. Here is my favorite:

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The first version of Goose island's Matilda line was gorgeous. The type covered the secondary packaging as well. Eventually they pulled back and simplified though.

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Kona beer has a great design company working for them. Always have. It's always been an inspiration to me. Their color palettes are genius too.

One thing I would like to see them do though, is create custom type, instead of just using the Lithos font. The label below is one of their best because the type looks pretty original and doesn't use the now common looking Lithos font that most of their labels use.

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Quite fond of the bottles of new(ish) swedish microbrewery Sigtuna Brygghus, especially their specialty hops "Mohawk vs" beers:

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Label-wise, it's St. Pauli Girl.

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I think some of the people posting here are going by their tastebuds and not their eyeballs.

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Except tastebuds doesn't explain the St. Pauli Girl choice either...


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Re: St.Pauli girl. True about taste. And maybe the typeface itself isn't very distinguished, but I said label-wise, meaning the whole design, which is not overwrought, but nicely composed with one key color in each case, and has great movement - a cheerful effervescence, you might say.

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The 10 Fold Collective redesigned the entire line of one of our local microbrews, I think they did an amazing job.

Link to the Goods

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