1. Displaced Designer, a website, data base created durin Hurricane Katrina which has been re-activated for Gustav. It is more like a clearing-house of information and resources.


2. Forms you might want to fill-out and keep with you during evacuation, they list all of the vital information you will need in case of emergency (like contact information, insurance, software licenses, and etc.) This was prepared by AIGA New Orleans post-Katrina.

(SEE RUReadyTools.pdf BELOW)

3. This document was prepared by AIGA after Katrina. It is available to board members of AIGA chapters, but I am attaching a copy here. It is filled with usefull informaiton about evacuating and restoring your business should a disaster strike.

(SEE disaster_resourcebook.pdf BELOW)

4. A picture of one of the Red Cross "Meals Ready to Eat" (MRE) provided to us post Gustav. The military ones have a nifty mechanism that heats the meal automatically.


Not to make light of the situation, but I can't imagine which is worse...sustaining one's self off of military MREs or Dinty Moore.

Nice to see the AIGA working on this.


Its better to have a sense of humor about all of this than not.

We keep those small, Boar's Head salamis around, they last a long time with low refrigeration.

And yes, AIGA did a bang-up job of supporting the Gulf Coast "creatives" all through and post-Katrina. They do good work, which is how/why I became an active member here.

" Its better to have a sense of humor about all of this than not. "

That is it Nancy, better laugh. IKE is headed to southern Florida. If you live in this area and Ike strike us very bad and, if you see a black platen press swirling at a hundred foot in the air, please, see where it is going to land because that could be my press :)

Good luck for you. As you know Ike can go up there ... and it is just September with lots more to talk about until season ends.

Keep cool !

Dear AGL,

Have you read about the dust from the Sahara Desert making hurricanes fierce or not?


Our radio just announced we might know where IKE is headed on Tuesday. Right now the "cone of probability" is headed for here but south Florida is in its way.

I will keep my eyes peeled for your black platen press, I learned wing shooting over dogs from a great bird-shooter and part of this is "marking" the kill as it falls from the sky* so you or your dog can go get it. So, I will keep my ole' bird dog eye skyward.

* A brilliant illustration of a "kill" (although it is waterfowl, maybe more appropriate to hurricane speak, is "Right and Left", 1909 by Winslow Homer:


I confess it causes some chill. I have never had weather this unforgiving. I was surprised one day I saw a picture of a Lisbon newspaper, 1957 if I am right: Lisbon covered in 1/4 of inch snow for that once. Over there it is very stable four seasons, being the summer the one I used to like most. Now in Florida, I prefer the winter...
I printed the sandstorms theory and gave a copy to my wife. She is used to it. I guess she has been in all of them since twenty years ago.

I love "Right and Left" (thanks for the link). I love natural motives and I have been just stunned by the birds in Florida. One of the good things that happened to me lately is that a Owl, yes, just made her nest in front of the house across the street. She spent a entire day in my little garden; I guess because there is a little fountain out there. The last few weeks I did not see her and I was wondering what have happened. Three days ago she come back. Good news.

I guess everything is going to be just fine. Cross your fingers :)

Dear AGL:

I faultered before writing aobut my hunting experience; so many people take it in the wrong way. I am so appreciative of your understanding of Homer's "Right and Left", I use it as an allegory for many things in a lecture I give on "seeing".

My Dad did business in Europe including Lisbon, Near and Far East and Africa from about 1951 on. Are you from Portugal?

I love your story of the owl. I too believe in the signs of animals and plants. On my walk today the usual rabbit tolerated me going by, he/she chewed while I stuck to my side of the "trace" (see previous post.) A big old owl lives near where the bunny lives, though I did not see it today. Our hummingbirds are acting normally for this time of year, which makes me feel better; as if to say "we are fine, so should you be." And the tree frogs at night are having a grand time.

Fingers crossed, knock on wood! If necessary your platen and the 2 engraving proofing presses I bought a while ago (but have not yet arrived) will land together in some wonderfully accessible field, like Dorothy in "Wizard of Oz."

Dear Nancy,

"Right and Left" is a beautiful picture in a first look. Actually I think it is just one duck, diving from the right down and up again to the left. No fish. As if today it will be harder to catch. Just look at his face of disappointment. A possible explanation that contradicts the story they are being shot by a hunter ... I like the composition; a blueish background contrasted with a opposite orange-ish for the light areas. I bet he painted the ducks by memory, and the question: Why ducks?

Ah, tell me if you know. Why is that that old type cuts of flies were so popular? I do understand that Owls were used as cuts, I think as a wish of good luck. Now, flies are odd. I just don't understand. I want to design some stuff around it ( a fly ), but first I have to understand it.

Yes, I am portuguese; born in Brazil and then back to Portugal in the mid 80s, when my dad retired. I did study Fine Arts in Seville and Barcelona. All paid while working in printing. Do you know that one could travel around the world just working in printing, most specially as a pressman?

Just so you can forget for a minute (Ike went up to a category 4...) here is this brilliant painting, where Don Diego looks at eternity while painting it, with a dog in the first plane, also the midget maid looking at you, with great and peaceful dignity.


You can call me André (I still use the acute accent, as it is a familiar accent in the US).


PS.: We just saw "Wizard of Oz" few weeks ago, in the Broadway Palm Dinner Theater, in Fort Myers. Awesome! One can dine and then see the show.

Dear André,

It is my understanding from what I originally read about the Homer painting that it was the last painting of his life. So, the mystery is: is the allegory about the final stages of life, or a fruitfull part of it? In the original you can see a flash of red symbolizing the flash of shot. Ducks, well, maybe so prosaic an answer as that they were so prevelant on the north east shore where Homer lived, and water fowling was common.

Now the fly...funny you should ask. Sometime before Gustav I had one of my "Nancy" visions, have you ever seen the old sci-fi movie, "The Fly"?

Original movie with Vincent Price, 1958:


1986 re-make with Jeff Goldblum:


For some unknown reason the story, and film, came to mind while waiting for that first hurricane to hit the Gulf Coast. When we returned I heard a piece on NPR that it has been made into an opera:


and that the context of the story was modeled around the zeitgeist of today.

Bees were popular symbols, but flies? My husband has a friend who married a woman from China. Joanne is highly educated and very intelligent but one day, the subject of "meat worms" came up and "Newt", my husband's friend, could not argue her out of the notion that meat comes with worms and if left out, the worms come out from the meat. Although we know, or think we know, that maggots are insect eggs, I believe the larvae from flies.

According to David Fontana, PhD, (The Secret Language of Symbols, 2008, "...flies were considered to be driven by demonic forces: Beelzebub, a name now synonymous with Satan, was originally a Syrian personification of the destructive power of swarming insects."

J.C. Cooper writes (An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Traditional Symbols, 1978,) "Usually asociated with evil gods and corruption. Can represent supernatural power, modstly evil...Depicted in Christian art with the goldfinch as the Saviour and the fly as disease." (I taught "Graphic Abstractions" at Louisiana State University for a semester so bought all of these books about symbols.)

although we know, or think we know, that maggots are insect eggs, I believe the larvae from flies.

We know. The particular superstition opposing this is called "spontaneous generation." Francesco Redi proved the origin of the maggots and disproved spontaneous generation in 1668, though it took Pasteur in 1859 to put the final nail in the coffin of the idea.

Redi's experiment is quite celebrated in the history of science, as one of the first scientific experiments ever to use "controlled" vs "experimental" conditions.



Hi Thomas,

Thank you for the exact science I was thinking of when I wrote, "we know...that maggots are insect eggs."

When I referred to "think we know [that maggots are insect eggs]" it is because western science and other forms of knowledge and being do not always coincide. Newt's wife was SURE that meat comes with worms. Her personal realm of scientific reason, learned in the western school of medicine, did not prepare her for any other knowledge than the (her) fact that, "meat comes with worms." Her husband, also a highly trained kidney dialysis nurse who now practices at Stanford Medical Center, was unable to present any science that would turn her from this belief. Which is why I included the caveat "think we know".

I guess it just depends upon which butcher you believe.

Well, I guess it is not well known if maggots come in the beef or put there by a fly. I haven't a clue. My interest is more pictorial. Here is what I found about flies, on the wiki:


They all seem nice and photogenic. I like this one (1st top left) by its colors. Intriguing is that it seats atop of a leaf, which suggests that it is vegetarian :)

As for the pop culture that flies are working for the devil, it is still to be proved.

I am relived that IKE did miss us, but it is still going. It will hit Texas. Hopefully won't do much damage.


Do you consider "other forms of knowledge" besides science to be equally valid ways of understanding reality?

Would you get on a plane if you knew it was going to use scientific principles to get to cruising altitude, and then switch to flight based on some other principles for the rest of the flight? Would it help if the latter principles were widely believed by residents of some particular part of the world?