I am new to Typophile - How to do certain things?

I need some help and directions about how to go doing the following. Can anyone help me please.

1. How do I insert an icon for my ID in Typophile?

2. Which is the ideal size in mm and resolution for inserting / posting images?

3. How do I post a PDF file in a thread (instead of an image - which is the default type)?

4. I have sent a typeface for critiqe under a preliminary name (Thetis) and now I want to alter to another one (Semele) which is the final name, do I start a new thread under the final name? Do I contact the Typophile webmaster for that? What would you advise that I should do?


Answer #1
- Click on "My Account" in the right-hand column
- Click on "Edit" in the black bar
- Scroll down until you see "Picture"
- Upload your image following the given instructions

Answer #2
- 450 Pixels wide

Answer #3
- Click on "Edit" in the black bar
- Scroll down to "Attach new file:"
- Click on "Choose File"
- Choose your file and follow the remaining instructions.
Note: The creator (and moderators) can always edit the original thread to modify the text and/or add images/PDFs.

Answer #4
- Start a new thread