latinotype español online

The Latynotype foundry from Chile is online. With fonts of Francisco Galvez, Miguel Hernandez, Luciano Vergara y Jko Contreras. The oppening offer is $10 each font.


¡felicidades! Great site, and great fonts! :)

I love Australis, and am trying to obtain it to use *today* for my sister's wedding program (she's marrying a wonderful man from Chile). I purchased the font, but haven't received it -- there's nowhere to download it and I've gotten no emails. I'll give it a few more hours before panicking and resorting to a different typeface, but does anyone have any advice about how purchasing fonts works on the site?

Thanks! Gracias!

Is there phone number anywhere? Call collect. :-)

In any case, congrats to your sister!
I assume you realize however that soon you might be called "Aunt Beth"...


Hey, hrant -- alas no phone number. But while I've got you live on the internets: do you know how purchase on latinotype,com typically works? I pressed "comprar", paid paypal, and then had to re-enter the url to go back to the site (no forwarding or button to return), and no sign of download. I'm assuming I get an email with attachment, but it's been a few hours since I paid.

Anyhoo, any info would help! I can always use a non-Chilean face, since no one but me will probably care.

-"Aunt" beth

> I’ll give it a few more hours before panicking and resorting to a different typeface...

post it here:

Have you tried info(at)

It's now been a few hours since I emailed info at latinotype, so I think I'll post in general! Thanks.

Sorry Beth - I was offline - kiddie BD party... You'll feel my pain
one fine day. :-) But anyway I would have been no help at all.

It's probably too late, but: there are other Chilean foundries.
You know who would care? The groom.