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Schools in Texas

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Schools in Texas

I'm currently a sophomore in college and plan on transferring from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa at the end of this school year. The art program at ORU is not the best and to be a competitive designer, aside from my own initiative, talent, and determination, I need to be in a school that can give me a good education.

Texas is not my first choice or really a desirous option for a place to live and be educated. However my boyfriend of 1 year is graduating at the end of this year and may have a good job opportunity in Texas. We've committed to do what we can to stay close (geographically) to each other in hopes of getting married soon.

(Sorry for all the background information...)

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a good program in the Dallas area. I've done some research and haven't gotten many encouraging results.

Also, if anyone could suggest a school that is around or under $20,000 a year with a great Graphic Design degree program I'm really trying to evaluate all of my options.