Cyrillic descender forms

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Cyrillic descender forms

I'm finishing up filling out the Cyrillic codepage, but one thing that has been making me wonder is to what degree descenders should be homogenous.

I know that Ц and Щ can receive swash descenders but otherwise and almost always have the same as Д. But, there seems to be from what I can tell (both between wiki and the unicode charts and other fonts I've looked at) a random decision for other letters as to whether the "descender" is the sort of enlarged downward serif as in Д, this exact same shape but mirrored like Ӌ, angled more sharply and called a tail like Ӊ, a cedilla like in Ҙ, an ogonek in Ҿ, or a vertical/pointed Џ.

Do Ҙ and Ҫ get cedillas because of the round shape? What determines "tail" versus the "spike"? And are there any other letters that are distinguished only by the form of their descender (I can only think of Ң / Ӊ and Ҷ / Ӌ)