(x) Fighting for a place in the team - Eagle Bold {Yves}

Fighting for a place in the team

Any ideas what this is?
Its used in the UK edition of Cycle Sport magazine, but I don’t think its in the US edition.



Bureau Eagle Bold from the Font Bureau, Inc.

The Eagle series realizes the ideas behind
Morris Fuller Benton’s famous titling, Eagle Bold,
the symbol of American recovery, drawn in 1933
for the National Recovery Association. Font Bureau
Eagle was started in 1989 for Publish. David Berlow
designed a lowercase, finished the character set,
and in 1990 added Eagle Book for setting text.
In 1994, Jonathan Corum added Eagle Light and
Eagle Black to form a full series; FB 1989-94


I think 1 minute is still the record ? :-) But I can’t remeber who holds it? Is it Yves?

Hrant still holds the record, though Stephen, Dave,
Tiff and I came pretty close a couple of times. (Sorry
Chesh, couldn’t find the link for your February 3rd

February 3-minuter? Boy, it looks like the one I had two weeks ago went by too fast for ya…

Still haven’t beaten Hrant’s 1-minuter, though.


Sorry about that, Chesh. I did an advanced search on
“minutes”, so that’s why I missed your recent instant ID.
I profusely apologize I didn’t go as far as to check every
single ID from the past 2 years. =D ;)