(x) font with nice ffl-ligature - various {gang}

typoz types..

anybody that can (or will) recommend a nice font with a beautiful FFL-combination… i forget the English word for it… in Swedish it is “ligatur” (so Bruhn would now)

i amn’t quite fond of the FFL in Adobe Berthold Bodoni Medium Italic Expert…

any suggestions?


ligature ;)

Lars Bergquist Leyden has some nice “ffl” ligatures
And to promote a little

And this

THANX Bruhn!

yes the Montverdi loox great.. i have pointed or (rather arrowed) out a part of the letter that i found a bit odd… is it like that?

and oh yeah..

Yes it’s like that …Lars works in mysterious ways ;)
I’ll ask him about it when he gets back from his vacation.

Jack, Lars is back and he gave this answer (losely translated):
” This was normal practise in classic typography — the bend on the first “f” in a “ff” ligature. Also, it was not uncommon for the second bow in “m” to be lower than the first.

Wow Peter, what an interesting nugget of information.

I think Storm Type’s Jannon Text Moderne has lots of nice ligatures too.

Jannon is really nice. Most everything from Storm is amazing:-)