Non-Brody "Industria" (1910/1913) - seen this digitised?

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Hello everybody!

I happened upon this old lead typeface recently (see attach). Its name is "Industria", and it was designed by Hermann Zehnpfundt for the Emil Gursch Foundry in Berlin in 1910/1913; Berthold later added a couple of weights in the 1920s. The most recent sample I have been able to find so far dates from 1933.

So far, not too much to ID, but: Has anybody seen this typeface digitised, or anything that looks more or less closely inspired by it? I already asked on the German typoforum, where nobody had seen it, but I figured if anyone knows at all, then probably here.

I'm kind of hoping you'll say no, since I'm inclined at having a go myself. I really like this one. :)

Please let me know if you need / want more images. This is the base weight, I have also found specimens of the light, semibold, and bold weights.

Thanks for any pointers!

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All I can contribute: it reminds me of this style (though different in the details).

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Thanks, Florian! Indeed it is kind of reminiscent of the overall shapes; I think this one is special also with regard to what Erkki called the "special retro grotesk vibe" :-), which especially shows itself in characteristic letters such as the a, g, and ß.

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