Geometric upright script on Polish poster.

Does anyone recognise this. Most bold upright scripts I know, such as Lexington and Kari have a softer, brush-drawn edge.

I dug up this recent thread thinking it might be the same as the window sign, but it isn't.


Try Salut, Einhorn or Nick Curtis version of these (called »Einhorn« in english …)

Thanks for that quick ID. Salut has the crossed Z and square dots on the i so I'm sure it is that, although something has been done to the c to make it rounder.

Einhorn is nice too. In some ways I prefer it.

If you insist: The translation from Einhorn is Unicorn by Nick Curtis. Here you’ll find the right c.

. . . and sloppy connectors (see the 'o' and 'w'). Remember, it usually pays to pay for your fonts.