1930s fount

It's a long time since I could recognise more-or-less everything in the Encyclopedia of Type, so can anyone help with these from the tittle page and cover of a book published in 1933 and tell me if there is anything around now with a similar feel?




Font1 is Copperplate Gothic.

font 2.jpg is broadway engraved


Copperplate Gothic

Thanks so much guys.

I had the words Copperplate Gothic half formed in my mind, but could not get hem out! I find that I have it, but it will only work in Classic so I guess if I move if from my Intel iMac to my PPC iBook I can compose the few words I need and save it as a pdf to place on the page on my iMac.

Can anyone suggest an alternative to Broadway? I am reproducing a 1933 book of the title used in the Font 2.jpg and I want it on the spine which is only about 3mm. Gill bold is the right period of course, but feels so different and I'd like something with the contrast of the original but of course there is no need for the inlining.

Cheers, Colin
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Regular http://Broadway does not have the inline.
The original Kabel dates back to the late 20s (not the ITC Kabel which was redrawn in the 70s and has a much higher x-height.

Futura of course also goes back to that era, as does Bank Gothic, designed in the early 30s.

Something closer in weight to Broadway would be Radiant, a great typeface designed in the late 30s.

Good luck - have fun!