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Hi all, I'm partly redesigning a historical periodical. A friend suggested Tankard's Kingfisher for body text. In my opinion a great – conservative but fresh – original design. But is has no true small caps, which I really need – and will be using a lot. To automate small caps by using a character style is not an option.

So any suggestions would be more than welcome.
Thanks in advance, Brieck.

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Hi Brieck,

it has no true small caps

of course it has – check the PDF.
The small caps are contained in the regular font, accessible via OpenType features.

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Ai, sorry 'bout that. I only printed a few pages from a book he recently did with Kingfisher and never looked at the samples, just at the styles.

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Hmmm, update; given the amount of .cdr and .cmx files I'll have to work with, I prefer using good old Corel Ventura for these jobs. But Ventura doesn't support OpenType features – which is surprising for such a typographically savvy program.

So any suggestions would still be more than welcome. Thanks, Brieck

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Contact Jeremy Tankard and ask him if he can provide you a separate font with the small capitals in standard lowercase glyph positions.

In terms of alternatives, tell us more about what you appreciate about Kingfisher and what you'd be looking for in an alternative. How close does it need to be to Kingfisher? Can you say more about the periodical this is for?

-- K.

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That would be an option – given that they'll decide to go for Kingfisher the next few years, which would be my choice.
As for alternatives; I like the italics, almost a slanted roman. Also the osf figures, I think, come out very well. The few pages I received and printed just made a fresh impression and looked quite elegant.
As to the periodical; the main focus lies on Dutch imperial and colonial history.

Thanks, Brieck

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First of all, I would think the advantages of using Opentype would, in most cases, outweigh the trouble of converting the Corel files, but...

I'd look at Seria, Nexus, Whitman and DTL Romulus (I don't know how to provide a link on DTL's site).

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Well, John, I was sort of fishing to see if Whitman might fit the bill ;-) But it's not really that much like Kingfisher, and I'm not sure it would be as fitting for Brieck's topic.

But, Brieck, if you want to consider it, you can find more Whitman samples at my website also:

And I'd be happy to set up some more specific samples with your column specs and some text you provide, if you want to contact me directly off-forum.

-- Kent.

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