I need a sans serif - bold and squarish, like facebook or eachday

I'm after a font that I can use in a logo where the text is going to be one word and all lower case. I like some of the very bold sans serif fonts I've seen lately, especially the ones that are less roundy (like helvetica) and more squarish.

I have no idea how to describe them so please look at the facebook logo font, but the one I like more is the eachday logo.

On that same page look down at the technorati logo, you see what I mean by a slightly square sans serif font? But I think the technorati font isn't designy enough for what I need. I need something that is obviously a display font, not a book font and that's why I like the eachday logo.

Please ID the eachday font, and possibly suggest others that are like it, maybe even more design like?



FF Max (fontshop.com)

The Facebook-logo has started out as Klavika Bold. Nice typeface, really.

Similar faces? Go to identifont.com and see what is offered at the similar fonts to Klavika.

Check out Soho from Monotype.

Thanks very much, both spot on.

Hey Goran, I spent yesterday evening looking at Soho! And yes what a classy font. I would love an opportunity to use it professionally, it's a bit too refined for the look I'm after, but thanks a lot for the post